Current Officers

President Nathaniel Donahue, 2015 ndonahue@college.harvard.edu
VP Tournament Administration Dylan Hardenbergh, 2016 dhardenbergh@college.harvard.edu
VP Recruitment Jake Miller, 2015 jacobmiller@college.harvard.edu
VP Training Bo Seo, 2017 boseo@college.harvard.edu
VP Finance Julie Geiger, 2016 juliageiger@college.harvard.edu
VP Operations Vegas Longlois, 2016 vegaslonglois@college.harvard.edu


The six executive officers of the team appoint and work with a group of officers known as members-at-large, who head various sub-committees created by the executive board and help in the administration and organization of HSPDS. The current members at large are Sarani Jayawardena (equity), Dhruva Bhat (outreach), Michelle Danoff (publicity), David Yoo (sponsorship), Joy Jing (logistics) and Ben Sprung-Keyser (BP advisor)


Teamwork and Leadership

Unlike many student organizations of its kind, the Harvard Speech and Parliamentary Debate Society is entirely student-run. Most of the responsibility is shouldered by a group of five elected officers that comprise the team’s executive board. Elected on an annual basis, the executive board has many responsibilities, including (but not limited to):

  • Organizing the annual Harvard Debating Championships in October
  • Training new members and helping them through the comp process
  • Handling team finances to enable members to attend tournaments all around the world
  • Representing HSPDS at American Parliamentary Debate Association meetings

Any comped member of the team is free to run for the executive board in elections usually held at the beginning of spring term.  Currently there exist five executive positions:

  • President: Head of the Executive Committee and Board as a whole, principal representative of HSPDS, manager of HSPDS’s parliamentary debate tournament schedule, and responsible for overseeing all of HSPDS’s activities, committees, and sub-committees
  • Vice President of Tournament Administration: Organizer of HSPDS’ annual parliamentary debate tournaments and creator of institutional memory regarding those tournaments. This includes administration of Members-at-Large in consultation with the President as it pertains to tournament concerns.
  • Vice President of Training : Leads training, develops curriculum, and administers all affairs related to development of debating skills, including the scheduling of office hours and practice rounds. Is also in charge of leading weekly general meetings.
  • Vice President of Finance: Maintains an accurate account of all team finances for regular review by the Executive Committee, produces a yearly budget, and coordinates all fundraising activities.
  • Vice President of Operations: Handles the day-to-day organizational concerns of the team: weekly HSPDS registration for and transportation to other tournaments, administration of Members-at-Large post-tournament (in consultation with the President), and collection and collation of minutes and other forms of institutional memory.
  • Vice President of Recruitment : Responsible for all activities pertaining to recruiting new members of HSPDS. This includes administering all comp requirements, and maintains records of membership and electoral qualification status, in addition to overseeing publicity efforts in coordination with the appropriate MALs.